Dune™ Panels

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Panels arrive on pallets.
Pallet jack or forklift recommended at receiving end.
Commercial Grade, 32" by 32" by 1"
Glass Reinforced Gypsum w/lightweight core
Class A, NFPA 286 PASS
Steel reinforced joints. Alignment tabs ensure accurate surface alignment.
Made in the USA.

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• PANELS must be screw mounted through the face directly to the substrate, typically drywall. Panels are not attached to studs.
• All panel-to-panel edges are glued with approved adhesive as panels are mounted. The backs are not glued, only the panel edges.
• Seams are filled with the approved spackling compound.
• Seams are sanded.
• Surface is sealed with the approved primer/sealer.
• Desired finish paint is applied. Flat paint is recommended, and spray application provides the best results.
To perform the installation of modularArts panels, we recommend that a finish carpenter or millworker mount and edge-glue the panels, and a drywall tradesperson address the seams.
One man-hour per panel should be allowed to bring the installation to a paint-ready state. Drying time of adhesive is not included. Adhesive requires 24 hours to dry. Experience may certainly shorten labor time!
A detailed Instruction Booklet will come with the panels.

Installation Kit Contents
(for installations up to 50 panels):

(must be used with acrylic fortifier listed below)
18 lb bag

(1) Quart

(for bonding panels edges together during install) 
(12) 10.2 oz tubes


• MUDTOOLS Soft Flex Spreader

• SANDPAPER (various grits for seam finishing) 
(25) Sheets

(labeled for pre-mixing ACRYLIC FORTIFIER)