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Most of our designs are made to order and typically ship in 3 - 10 business days.
Orders over 50 panels may require additional lead time.
Minimum order is 6 panels. (Orders less than 6 panels may be not be fulfilled)
Panels arrive on a pallet.
Pallet jack or forklift recommended at receiving end.
Commercial Grade, 32" by 32" by 1"
Glass Reinforced Gypsum w/lightweight core.
Class A, NFPA 286 PASS
Steel reinforced joints. 
Alignment tabs ensure accurate surface alignment.

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STEAM™ is part of our EZ-Seam™ product group, which means there is no adhesive, seaming, sanding or filling of panel-to panel joints. Panel joints are simply caulked

COLOR: The panels are a mottled white. Surface may be sealed with a stone sealer of choice. (Follow instructions on product for natural stone, cement, or gypsum.) Matte sealers work well when hand applied. Gloss sealers tend to work best with spray equipment. If a painted finish is desired, it is recommended that the surface be primed prior to the finish coat. Once primed, any finish or gloss factor may be used on EZ-Seam™ panels.

MATERIAL: High grade industrial gypsum, with a lightweight core.

Fire Rating: Class A, NFPA Pass
Not recommended for use in areas directly exposed to running water, radiant or extreme heat. Please check with our office if unsure of your application.